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This page leads to my stories, both those on this site and those published elsewhere. I will be posting new stories every now and then, as well as links to my books on Amazon when they are published. I write Fantasy and Science Fiction, and have samples available of my work here on this web site.

FANTASY - Free samples of my Fantasy stories can be found below. Most of my fantasy stories are set in a lushly imagined world of my own creation, The World of Shadow and Light, in and around a land called Silbar. Maps and background on the world are available on the page for the setting, linked above. Many of the tales involve the character of Kirin DiUmbra, a young acrobat whose ancestry and powers get him into all sorts of trouble. Both of the following stories earned honorable mentions in the "Writers of the Future" contest.

This story that I titled 'Claiming' was first published in the Wordfire Press anthology "Dragon Writers", available on Amazon, under the story title "Forging the Dragon". It is set in an America where very bad things have happened, and one man must decide if, and how, he will use his unusual power to try to help people recover. The inspiration will be obvious to lovers of Leslie Fish's music - the same legend led to her song "Arizona Sword." I chose a slightly different way to tell the old tale.

This little tale takes a different view of one of our favorite American tropes - the hooded guy with the scythe. This story is a stand-alone that I wrote just for fun.

SCIENCE FICTION – I have written both my own stories and fanfiction stories set in other author’s universes.

Emberverse: Links to my Emberverse stories (fan fiction) can be found below, and on the SM Stirling Fan site. All of these are set in the universe of SM Stirling’s novel “Dies the Fire” and its sequels. Steve Stirling was kind enough to declare the ‘Fire Trilogy’ to be ‘canon’, that is, to be what ‘really happened’ in Colorado after the Change. In my euphoria I haven’t quite floated back down to earth since then, but eventually I will.

The “Fire Trilogy” is a continuous novel broken into three volumes, it takes place during the Change and in the first year after:

(Yeah, I committed trilogy. I didn’t mean to, it just happened.)
The story “Ship of the Desert” is a stand-alone tale set in Egypt a few decades after the Change.

Free samples of my own Science Fiction stories can be found here:
The Wrecked World: A series of tales about an alien visitation to Earth, and the consequences.